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Ashley Massaro’s Pre-Fame Naked Photos

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

hot ashley massaro naked

Ashley Massaro has admitted that she posed nude before she was famous. These kinky shots were from that time. She shows her naughty side in this photo shoot where she wore a hot fishnet outfit and shows off her sexy body. The future WWE Women’s champion and Survivor: China contender looks awesome in these pictures and is a natural in front of the camera in my opinion.

hot ashley massaro nude

Prior to joining WWE, Ashley Massaro was Miss Hawaiian Tropic USA in 2002 and Miss Hawaiian Tropic Canada. It was during her tenure in the company that she had these pictures taken, she has appeared on the covers of several magazines, including Playboy.These pictures are smoking hot and you can see that she would one day grow up and blossom into the hottie that she is now. For more kinky and nude pictures of this wrestling and reality television celebrity, feel free to check out this gallery of Ashley Massaro nude photos.

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Sexy Ashley Massaro On The Set Of Smallville

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

Here are some pics of Ashley Massaro from the set of Smallville.  Now in case you don’t know Smallville is the show showing Superman when he was a teenager, although I think they’ve gone past that point already, seeing as how long Smallville’s been airing.  Anyway this sexy former WWE Superstar appeared in the episode “Combat” as the Live or Die Fight Club’s Athena.  Kick ass, huh?

She ends up subduing that pesky Lois Lane and serving her up as fodder for a fight at that fictional fight club, until the wrestler known as Kane showed up and started wreaking havoc.  Yup, Kane showed up too as the character named Titan, who was superpowered as well, unlike Athena.  Then her character ran off with the other extras at the club!

Oh well, it was nice seeing this sexy, stacked babe on TV again.  Ever since she left the WWE to take care of her child I’ve been jonesing for some Ashley Massaro appearance so I can marvel at her perfect physique again!  Check out even more of sexy Ashley on this lusty Ashley Massaro site, and you’ll see what I’ve seen, which is Ms. Massaro in the buff!

More revealing naked pictures from Ashley Massaro

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

Are you guys ready for more hot and smoking Ashley Massaro goodies to keep you all drooling and panting for more? Well, hold on to your seats and get ready to feast your eyes with more juicy naked pictures of this WWE Diva that we have recently unearthed and each nude photo is just oozing with pure sleaze as she displays those huge pair of tits while raising that round ass and spreading that hot pussy while doing those seductive poses in front of the camera!

It’s quite sad to know that Ashley is semi-retired from the wrestling industry but with these hot stuff we got in our collection, you will truly relive her glory days inside the ring not only as a professional female wrestler, but also a true-blooded feline that men have adored and fantasized all throughout her glamorous career. So check out Ashley Massaro Naked today and see her bare everything right before your eyes…

Ashley Massaro Naked in Playboy

Thursday, November 6th, 2008

For the true Ashley Massaro connoisseur, there’s one very special highlight of her career so far, and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that it was her pictorial for the April 2007 issue of Playboy, where she was picked to become the covergirl no less.  Though it’s not widely known, she had already appeared in the pages of this magazine under the name Ryan Mackenzie, though of course she didn’t make it to the cover then, or else we’d have known about her before she joined the WWE.

So being a covergirl for this girlie mag is a huge honor, and to deserve that honor, her pictorials inside have to be sizzling hot.  And as you can see in these pictures, they are!  Ashley’s sexy, athletic body is pure perfection in the pages of this issue, with her big, and perky boobs leading the way.  Those titties are perfect, being large but not too large that they distort the silhouette of her sexy frame.  She’s the perfect personification of a blonde bombshell in these pics, especially when you know how physical she can get!

Ashley Massaro naked, period, is a hot treat no one can resist.  If you want to see her luscious body outside of the pages of Hef’s magazine, then just click on that link back there!

Ashley Massaro Flashing Her Tits on Raw

Thursday, November 6th, 2008

Ashley started out on the WWE’s Raw brand, being a Raw Diva Search winner, of course.  Eventually, she’d make her way to their other show, Smackdown, which is par for the course for sports entertainers in the company.  She began managing the tag team of Paul London and Bryan Kendrick when she was there, but the best moment of her performances on that show was when she unveiled a giant mock-up of her Playboy cover on the February 16, 2007 episode.  It wasn’t hot because of the giant cover though.  It was hot because she took off her top for the fans, revealing her big, bouncy titties with only Playboy bunny-shaped pasties on them.  That’s like covering her nipples with tissue paper, and all you need is a little imagination to make them disappear…

For other hot Ashley Massaro moments from TV, just click on this link and enjoy that sexy, trim and fit body as much as you want!

Ashley Massaro’s Sexy Outfits

Thursday, November 6th, 2008

Now a WWE Diva isn’t really known for her ring skills.  Sure, there are really good mat performers out there, like Mickie James, who also look hot in bikinis, but for the most part, the Divas are eyecandy meant to get the fans aroused.  Yes, they have to compete now and then, but matches like Ashley Massaro’s specialty, the Bra and Panties Match, where you have to disrobe your opponent before she does it to you, doesn’t really call for a lot of wrestling skills, does it?

So while we do think that Ashley’s got a lot of potential as a pro-wrestler, we’re just here to enjoy her as a Diva in her skimpy outfits!  Here’s a selection of photos reminding us why Ashley Massaro was chosen over eight other competing hotties back in the 2005 Raw Diva Search.  Ashley’s wearing some really sexy stuff here, and while she does look cute in pink, I still prefer the first pic, which is more like classic Ashley to me.  It must be those fishnet stockings, which was part of her trademark punky look at the start, along with the backwards baseball cap.

But hell, fishnet stockings are just hot, even if they weren’t part of her style in the first place!  If you want to see more sexy Ashley Massaro stuff, then it’s pretty easy — just check out this site and you won’t have to go anywhere else to get your arousing Ashely Massaro fix.